Why did a message disappear from my inbox?

If you received a notification from us via email or text regarding a new message in your Inbox, but do not see it there when you go to check it, this is because the user who contacted you has since been removed from our platform.

Because we are a service that operates entirely online, unfortunately there will always be those on the internet who seek to use our platform inappropriately. Though we do our best to remove all users from our site who operate with ill intentions, we aren't always able to remove these users before they begin contacting others.

That being said, we do eventually catch these users - whether it is through our system's monitoring of their account activity or from a report received from another user regarding that account. Once we have determined that a user is not legitimate and is indeed a scammer, we immediately remove their profile from site, and delete all messages sent from that account that have appeared in the Inboxes of those they have previously contacted. This is why you would not see a message from that user in your Inbox.

The reason we do this is to protect you from harm and to ensure that you do not engage in further communications with someone who does not have your best interest at heart. We do understand that it may be confusing to be notified of a message from someone and then not see it, and as such we are constantly working to improve our scammer identification techniques to ensure that these situations happen less and less frequently.

For more information on scammers, how to identify them, and what we do to help protect you, please see our other Help articles here:

If you are ever concerned about a message you see in your Inbox or want to report a user, please contact us.

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