How do recommendations work?

As an employee seeking a job on one of our sites, one of the options we offer to help you with your job applications is the availability to add reference letters to your profile. This can help ensure your profile is best representing you as an employee by having others vouch for your skills. It can also inform a potential employer's decision as to whether or not they think you are a good fit for their needs.

If there are people who you have worked for in the past or those who can vouch for your abilities in regards to the type of work you are applying for, you can add their recommendation letters to your accounts to help strengthen your profile.

To get started, log in to your account and go to the "Recommendations" page. Once there, enter in the first name, last name, and email address of the person you would like to contact for a recommendation letter. Once the information is filled out, hit the "Add" button. This will automatically send a recommendation request to this person's email asking them to fill out the reference letter for you.


The recipient of your recommendation request will then receive an email that looks like this:


To start the recommendation process, your recommender should click the button to recommend you (as represented in the above image as "Recommend Kyla").

Once clicked, this will take the user to a new webpage where they can fill out their recommendation letter, as well as their first name, last name, phone number, and password.

For security and verification purposes, the recommender is required to create an account in our system in order for the recommendation to be posted. This is why a phone number and password is required. If the recommender does not wish to continue using our site after they have posted the recommendation, they can deactivate their account at any time by following the steps outlined here: How do I deactivate my account?

Though we do ask for a phone number and email for verification purposes, this information will never be posted on site. Additionally, only the recommender's first name and last initial will be displayed in connection to their recommendation on your profile.


Once the recommender has filled out the form to their satisfaction, they can hit the "Submit Recommendation" button and the recommendation will be automatically posted to your profile.

This will appear in two different places for you to view within your account.

The first will be directly on the Recommendations page, where you can send out new requests, and view pending or completed requests. From here you also have the ability to remove a completed recommendation from your account if you no longer wish it to be listed in connection with your profile.

A pending request means that the recommender has been sent the recommendation request, but has not yet completed the form to post it to your profile. If this request has been pending for some time, we suggest following up with the recommender yourself to see if they are able to complete the process and post their recommendation to your profile.


The second place your recommendations will be visible is directly on your profile. To view the recommendation on your profile, simply go to "My Profile" and scroll towards the bottom until you see the recommendation section.


Although the above examples are from, you can follow the same steps on all our sites. 

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