Can I sign up on more than one site?

You can definitely sign up on multiple sites with us! If you have registered for one of CareGuide's sites and think that an additional site might also be a good fit for you, you are able to register using the same email and password combination as the first site you signed up with.

To do this, simply visit the new site and click the "Log In" button. From there you will enter your email and password and be logged into your new account on that site. To get started, all you'd have to do is complete your profile and then you can begin using the site as desired.

This will ensure that all of your accounts across our sites are controlled by one email, one phone number, and one password so you don't have to remember individual logins and should you ever need to contact us for help, we'll be able to see all your account details at once.

A full list of CareGuide's available websites can be found here: What sites does CareGuide own and operate?

For more information on setting up your profile, please see here: How do I create an account?

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