What qualifications and experience is required to get a job?

CareGuide's websites offer a self-serve platform for you to advertise and connect with others regarding job opportunities in your area. Because we are self-serve and do not pre-screen users, we do not require you to have any qualifications or previous work history in that field to register for an account.

That being said, most people who are looking to hire someone to assist with their care needs would prefer for a user to have some form of experience or training. However, many users are also open to working with those who have a passion and drive for what they do.

If you are interested in providing care to users found through our site, for best results we recommend doing some research into potential skills, qualifications, or volunteer opportunities to enhance your skill base and make you a more appealing care provider.

Certifications such as First Aid, CPR, and hazardous chemical training (WHMIS in Canada, OSHA in the United States) often go a long way with any job as they provide you with training to help you if any difficult situations arise.

Additionally, in terms of experience, it's best to ensure you list any similar experience you have in that field of care in your profile to ensure a potential employer is confident in your ability to help them. Relatable experience can be any type of care you have provided, even if it is for yourself, your family, your friends, or was unpaid.

Some examples of relatable experience are:

  • if you are applying for a babysitting/nannying job and have previously taken care of younger siblings, friends, or family members
  • if you are applying for a pet sitting job and have your own pet
  • if you are applying for an elder care job and have taken care of grandparents, parents, or other elders in your life
  • if you are applying for a housekeeping job and have experience cleaning your own home
  • if you are applying for a house sitting job and have taken care of a friend or family member's home while they were away
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