How do I prepare for an interview?

If you have found a potential match through the site, and are wondering how to proceed, we can offer a few suggestions on how to best prepare for the next stage of the hiring process: an interview.

We definitely recommend that before hiring someone or committing to a job that you meet each other in person first to ensure your safety, security, and comfort in regards to the person you will be working with.

It's also best if an interview occurs in a public place (like a coffee shop) so that you are both meeting on mutual grounds. You might also want to consider bringing someone else along if you are nervous or concerned about meeting someone from our site for the first time.

If you are currently registered on site as someone who is looking to find a job, below are some tips on prepping for an interview:

  • do some research on similar roles and what you may be required to do
  • come prepared with references to provide your potential employer so they can follow up with past employers regarding your experience and expertise
  • come with at least one question that you'd like to ask your potential employer in regards to the job

If you are currently registered on site as someone who is looking to hire a care provider, below are some tips on preparing for an interview:

  • prepare a list of questions you'd like to ask your potential employee in advance (doing this ahead of time will ensure that you don't forget any vital information day of)
  • consider the different methods of payment and what you would be comfortable doing with someone in your employ (i.e. cash, Interac e-Transfer, cheque, etc.)
  • if your needs involve the care of children, pets, or the elderly, consider bringing them to the interview to see how the potential employee interacts with them
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