Do I have to be bonded or insured?

Our site offers opportunities for both individuals and companies to search for jobs through our online platform. It is not a requirement to be bonded or insured in order to use our sites, however, some users who are looking to hire may require this in order to employ your services.

In broad terms, to be insured means that you have a business license and are paying insurance fees in order to cover any financial loss, damage, or theft that may occur in connection to your services.

To be bonded means that you have put money into a bond with a bonding/surety company as a guarantee that services promised are fulfilled. If the job requirements are not met, an employer is able to recover losses through that bond.

If you are interested in either of these options, being bonded or insured can help provide legitimacy to your company/services, but it's best to do some research into the requirements for your province, state, or territory before entering into any agreements.

Please be advised that CareGuide is not able to assist with this process as we are a self-serve service.

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