How do I contact other users?

Once you've created your account, you can message any user you feel would be a good match for your skills/needs directly through their profile page.

To do this, first ensure that you are logged in to your account, then go to the jobs page. Here you will see a list of available applicants (if you are looking to hire) or jobs (if you are looking for work).

To start a conversation, select the profile of a user you are interested in connecting with. Be sure to read the user's profile carefully as it may include information that would be helpful in creating a first message or inform you of certain requirements that may let you know whether that person is a good fit or not.

Once you are sure that you'd like to message the user, select either the "Send Message" button to write to the user or the "Call on Phone" button to place a call to the user via Telesafe.

Telesafe is a paid feature available only to subscribed users. For more information, please see here: What is Telesafe and how do I use it?

Once you have sent your message, your conversations with that user will be available through your Inbox. To view the conversation, simply navigate to your Inbox and locate the conversation associated with the name of that user. All Telesafe calls will also be recorded, and those recordings will be added to your inbox as well.

You are able to contact users through our site using either a computer or a mobile device. For visuals on how to do this on each device, please see below:





Although the above examples are from, you can follow the same steps on all our sites. 

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