Where can I find your Terms of Service, Cancellation Policy, and Privacy Policy?

To make sure you're up to date on our use policies, you can review our documents at any time by visiting the following links:

The date they were last updated will always be listed at the top of the page for your reference.

You can also find the site specific links in full at the bottom of every page on any of our sites. Below are screenshots that demonstrate where they are located when browsing from either a computer or a mobile device:





Please also note that to use our services, you are required to agree to these terms and policies during the account creation process. Your agreement is made after entering your password and is considered legally binding once you move to the next step. The agreement page will look something like this:


If you do not agree to these terms and policies, do not continue with the account creation process.

Although the above examples are from Housekeeper.com, you can follow the same steps on all our sites.


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