Why am I not receiving email notifications?

If you are not receiving any of our emails, this could be due to a couple different things:

1) You have unsubscribed from our emails. Upon registration, all users will be automatically opted in to our email list, but this can be adjusted at any time. If you have previously unsubscribed, but wish to re-subscribe, then in order to receive emails from us, you need to be opt back into our mailing list.

If you are already logged into your account, you can subscribe from emails by going to your Settings page and clicking on the "Update your email settings" button from under the header "Your Email Settings."

This will take you to a new page where you can select/deselect the types for emails you'd like to receive to update your preferences. Once you are satisfied with your selection, hit the "Update email settings" button to save your changes.


2) Your emails are going to your junk/spam folder. Unfortunately many email providers send our notifications to your junk/spam folder instead of your inbox. If you are not receiving any of our emails please make sure to check there in case they have been filtered out accidentally. 

Although the above examples are from Housekeeper.com, you can follow the same steps on all our sites. 

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