Why is my credit card being declined?

At this time, we accept all major credit cards as well as some VISA debit cards. Unfortunately our systems are not set up to accept cheques, cash, PayPal transactions, money orders, or Interac e-Transfers.

If your credit card has been declined, it could be for multiple reasons:

  1. Unsupported method of payment - We accept all major credit cards as well as VISA debit cards from some issuers. Unfortunately, our systems are not set up to accept debit cards, cheques or PayPal transactions at this time.
  2. Insufficient funds - Please ensure that your credit card has not exceeded its limit.
  3. Location issues - our company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. If you are living outside of Canada, smaller banks may block international transactions for your protection unless approved manually.
  4. Incorrect / Incomplete information - Please make sure that the following information is being entered correctly:
  • Full Name On Card
  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV/CVC (3-4 digit number on your credit card)
  • Postal/Zip Code

If your card is still getting declined, you may need to contact your bank for more details.

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