What does Mature Content mean?

"Mature Content (18+)" is an optional filter for those users who are seeking/offering adult-themed services on Housekeeper.com only. Users who opt in to this service will only be able to message each other in order to ensure non-mature users do not receive any unwanted messages.

As a note, all users on Housekeeper.com are required to be over the age of 18, whether using the mature filter or not. So this filter is not one designed to exclude users under the age of 18, because, as per our Terms of Service, they are not permitted to use the site already.

Please make sure to not message people about 'Mature Content' or 'Adult themed Services' unless you have that setting checked off. 

As laid out in our Terms of Service, any content that includes potential sexual harassment, sexual trafficking and/or prostitution will get automatically flagged and reported by CareGuide (see Section 7 - Content and Use of Services for further details).

If you want to report a user on one of our sites, please submit a request. All reports are kept confidential!



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