How do I protect myself when using the site?

We take the protection and privacy of our users very seriously and are always working to ensure that our sites offer a secure environment for users to interact on.

While we do go to certain measures to ensure that the content of profiles is appropriate, we perform no background checks, reference checks, or screening of members prior to their registration. Within each profile, there is an opportunity for individuals to list if they have their Criminal Record Check, First Aid, and CPR certifications; we always encourage you to check references. The decision to hire or work for someone is at the sole discretion of the family/individual.

To protect yourself, we always recommend keeping conversations within our website or within Telesafe calls as we monitor these conversations in order to flag users who reach out to others with ill intentions. You can also check out our article How do I recognize a scammer? for more information.

You are able to report users who you are suspicious of directly through your Inbox by marking them as spam. This will send a notification to our team so that we can review the user and determine if they should be removed from our platform. If we determine that user to be a spammer, they will be flagged in our system and their account and all previous conversation history will be removed from site immediately.

If you are concerned about anyone you see listed on the site or that has contacted you through the site, you can also contact us to report them. If you do so, be sure to include the name of the individual you are concerned about so we can look them up in our system as well as any other vital information that may help us better evaluate the user.

Our website currently offers additional Nanny Screening Services for its members!

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