How do I make my profile stand out?

With so many users on site, we know it can be hard to make your account stand out among the crowd. To make it easier for you, most of our sites do offer templates that are crafted based on your selected preferences during the sign up process. However, we always encourage you to take the time to personalize your profiles so that you can find the best match.

Some tips on how to improve your profile are:

  • Add a detailed description: The more information you put in your profile pertaining to your skills or needs, the better! If you include a detailed description of your previous experience or an in-depth analysis of what you are looking for in a care provider, other users are more likely to engage because they've got the full picture of what you have to offer.
  • Upload a profile photo: Profiles with photos are more likely to receive attention because it puts a face to the name and makes you seem more approachable. To learn how to upload photos to your profile, see here: How do I upload/change my photo?
  • Edit your details: Within your profile you will have an option to add or remove certain searchable filters. By selecting or deselecting the options that apply best you you, you increase your chances of finding the best match. To learn how to make these changes, see here: How do I edit my profile?
  • Increase your search distance: By expanding the area in which you allow your profile to be shown across the site, you will invariably reach more people that may be a good match for you and may find your skill set or job posting more appealing than others. If you're willing/able to travel a little farther away, it can go a long way towards finding a match. To learn how to update your location details, see here: How do I change my location?
  • Upgrade your account: Purchasing a subscription ensures that your profile appears towards the top of the search results as a featured account. By upgrading you also get unlimited messaging and calls with all users so you can go into even more detail about why you are the best fit for the role or why you think the position you are offering is the best available. To learn how to subscribe, see here: How do I upgrade my Basic account?
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