Can I see other postings so I can get an example of what to put in my own?

You can always do a search on our site to see what other people have posted. Remember, you want to stand out so its important to put your own spin on it and to incorporate your own personality/background/needs so that you can find the best match.  

Please do not copy another person's profile!

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  • I think there's something funny with your company or something isn't right with my profile or allowing people to get back to me. I havent had one call back after weeks of replying to the jobs and how is it that one day I call and six jobs listed not one of them are home
    Im woundering if they are even real jobs
    Someone needs to get back to me right away
    I didn't pay money for this
    Charmaine Kreider
    818 437-8341

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