Is there a charge for signing up?

There is no required* charge to create an account with our site. When signing up, users are offered the choice between three paid subscription plans (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), but are also able to sign up using our basic (free) plan.

The basic plan does have limitations in regards to the amount of messages and calls you are able to send/make, but allows you to browse the site first to see if it is a good fit for your needs. With the basic plan, you can create a profile and browse the job directory for free as well as create a great first point of contact with another user.

The only charge that will apply is if you subscribe to one of our paid plans. Once upgraded, you will have the ability to send unlimited messages as well as place calls through Telesafe.

This does not apply to families registering on or facilities registered on as a subscription is required in order for profiles to be published on these sites. These services are, however, free for nannies or early childhood educators to use.

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