How do I find the right match?

If you're having trouble finding the right person, first ensure that your profile is as complete as possible (please refer to the percentage completion meter located to the right of your profile). The more information you have available the more likely it is to have others contact you.

When conducting your search, try not to select too many filters at once. Having too many filters selected may narrow down your search too far and you may filter out some great profiles. Try broadening your search by using less filters and only using the main ones you are looking for (i.e. full-time/part-time, live-in/live-out).

Also, we recommend logging in regularly - if not daily - to ensure new listings are not missed in your search. Depending on your location, there may be hundreds of other listings you are competing against so remaining active on site and keeping on top of new listings will better your chance at having it viewed and not having it lost among the other listings.

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