Can I contact users directly via email or phone?

All of our sites offer safe and secure messaging or call options through either your Inbox or Telesafe. We do not display user's contact information on profiles, and block the sharing of this information in your messages unless you are a subscribed user.

All of your messages will be saved in your Inbox so you can easily access them at any time; this includes all written messages as well as recorded Telesafe calls.

If you are a subscribed user, you are welcome to exchange email addresses and phone numbers with an individual after you make initial contact through the site by clicking on the “share my private contact information button” from your Inbox message.

Please note this option will only appear after you have sent a message including either your email or phone number.


If you are registered under the Basic (free) plan and this is a feature you are interested in, you can upgrade your account at any time by following the steps outlined here: How do I upgrade my Basic account?

Though we do offer this feature, we still recommend that you continue communicates through the site as we monitor these conversations for your security and protection. Moving a conversation off site means that we are not able to remove a user from site if we detect ill intentions in their messages (i.e. if they are trying to scam you).

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