Why are my messages blurred?

If you have received a message in your inbox but it appears blurred out, this is because you are currently registered under the Basic (free) plan. In order to continue the conversation, a subscription purchase is required.

A blurred message would appear like this in your inbox:


Under the Basic plan, it is free to post a listing and search for matches. However, you will have limited messaging capabilities. Once you send a message, a returned message from that user will be blurred out until you subscribe.

However, if the other user is under a paid plan, you will have unlimited messaging and calls with that user and vice versa. Anyone that has the "Featured" tag on their profile has the ability to converse back and forth with you without the need for you to pay for a subscription at this time.

To view a blocked message, you must upgrade your account with one of our subscription plans. To learn more about upgrading your account, see here: How do I upgrade my Basic account?


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