Where is the Settings page?

The Settings page is where all of your account information can be found and/or updated.

It allows you to update your first/last name, create a new password, update/remove your gender, and change your phone number. It also includes the option to update your email settings, your subscription, your profile picture, your Facebook connection, and gives you the option to delete your account.

You are able to locate the Settings page using either a computer or a mobile device. To learn how to do this on each device, you can follow the instructions outlined below:


To find the settings page on your computer, login to your account and hover your mouse over "My Profile" (or "Create a Profile" if you haven't created a profile yet). A drop down menu will appear and display three options: My Profile, Settings, and Log Out. To access your Settings page, click "Settings."



To find the settings page on your mobile device, login to your account and tap on the three parallel lines in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Once tapped, it will open a menu displaying all of the navigation options for the site. To access your Settings page, tap "Settings."


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