What do I do once I've created my profile?

If you've signed up for an account and aren't sure what to do next, below are some ideas to get yourself started:

  • Search for jobs/applicants - Once you've logged into your account, go to the search page and use our filter options to see who is near you. You can expand or refine the results as desired. New profiles are posted daily, so log in regularly to keep up to date.
  • Check your Inbox - Your account has a built-in message system. Messages from other users will be delivered to your Inbox and any message you've sent out will appear here as well. Unless you have indicated otherwise, you will get a reminder in your own personal email inbox as well when you've received a message.
  • Complete your profile - Your profile acts as your resume or job posting depending on whether you're looking to find a job, or to hire someone to perform a job. Getting your profile as close to 100% as possible can increase your chances of being seen. You're not required to get to 100%, but the closer the better!
  • Read our FAQ articles - If you want to get a better understanding of how our sites works, check out our Help Center articles for more information. There are dozens of articles here that can answer all your questions about how our sites work.
  • Activate other profiles - Interested in finding/seeking other types of work? We have a portfolio of websites that offer a variety of jobs including nanny jobs, sitter jobs, senior caregiver jobs, housekeeper jobs, house sitter jobs, pet sitter jobs, and more.
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